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FA 19: Alumni PresentationFA 19: Forensics Class: Cyber SecurityFA 19: MCIS Day 2019Fa 19: Nursing SimulationFA:19  Ali Dagar- Classroom photosFA:19 AG Small Engine ClassFA:19 Albemarle Group PhotoFA:19 Chickens in the AG BuildingFA:19 Dr. Rose- Fluid Mechanics ClassFA:19 Senior Game Development ProjectPhotos for Wilson HallSP 19: A&P LabSP 19: Alpha Chi Honors SocietySP 19: Daniel McDermott Flow CytometerSP 19: Dr. Elamami Abstract AlegebraSP 19: Dr. Elamami Math classSP 19: Dr. Hewavitha Ther Fluid Sci LabSP 19: Dr. Hong Cheng Web Programming classSP 19: Dr. Karen Landry Nursing EndowmentSP 19: Dr. Perry Grant Engineering Classroom Talk with StudentsSP 19: Dr. Xin Yang Computing ClassSP 19: Engineering 3D DesignSP 19: Engineering classSP 19: Engineering Numerical DataSP 19: Forensic Science ClassSP 19: Herpetology classSP 19: Herpetology Class Minnow FishingSP 19: Horticultural Plant SaleSP 19: NRRC research publication photos - students and facultySP 19: Nursing and Theatre simulationSP 19: Nursing Skills LabSP 19: Nursing Skills LabSP 19: Public Health attends Diversity Day at UAMSSP 19: Robotics Exhibition and TournamentSP 19: Rocket Launch DemonstrationSP 19: Science LabSP 19: Science Lab - Microscope LabSP 19: Science Research Odendaal with studentsSP 19: Students in Engineering Machine ShopSP 19: Students in Science Lab with MicroscopeSP 19: Weed Science LabSP19: Dr. Hong Cheng Web Programming ClassSP19: Engineering Glider LaunchSP19: Norvell-Cook Engineering CenterSU 19: Engineering Camp Group Photo